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Vergne hospitalised amid extreme F1 diets | News |


Dear Messrs Ecclestone and Todt,

If this is not the first thing on your agenda for discussion this weekend then you are not fit to run our sport.

Drivers are making themselves ill to race. Jev has been hospitalised, Sutil is planning to race in the desert without a waterbottle and, to be frank, some of the driers look bloody awful.

Never mind the fact that Red Bull and Ferrari are pissed off because Mercedes can deal with the new rules better so far. If Force India can produce a car that means the tallest, and heaviest, driver on the grid can eat a healthy, balance diet then why the fuck are you and your rules letting standing by to watch drivers get ill?

You may be of the opinion that YOUR new rules have ‘ruined the sport’ and that they are ‘turning off fans’ but we are not stupid. I haven’t heard a single fan say ‘I LOVE the double points idea’ and you are not changing that……

Stop putting your corporate interests above the sport and stop putting your corporate interests above the drivers’ health and safety.